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Download the Ecocert Application Form here

Why should you complete the Application Form?

 The application form is designed to provide Ecocert with a detailed overview of your operation. This will allow our office to prepare a quote for the inspection and certification service.

What does the Quote cover?

Our quotes cover the entire inspection and certification process, as well as all services throughout the year. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS.

Ecocert estimates consist of 3 parts:

1) Inspection Fees

These are the fees invoiced by the organic auditors for their time to conduct the audit. It also includes the time the auditor requires to prepare for the inspection, as well as the time required to complete the Inspection Report

2) Travel, Accommodation and Subsistence Costs

These costs are also related to the inspection, and are invoiced by the auditor to refund travel to the client's operation, accommodation (if not provided by the client), as well as refund of all subsistence costs during the inspection.

3) Certification & Administration Fees

These fees cover the work done by the Ecocert office for the year, including preparation for your inspection, review of the inspection report, review of the corrective actions, issuing of the certificate (provided the client complies), review of all labels, issuing of Transaction Certificates or Inspection Certificates, updating international authorities on the status of our clients' certification status, meetings with clients, response to technical questions.