Mutual Recognition: Fair for Life - Ecocert Fair Trade

Creation date: 

After many years of informal collaboration in the field of fair trade, Ecocert and IMO are signing a mutual recognition agreement between their respective two schemes: Ecocert Fair Trade and Fair For Life.

The recognition procedures are applied on a pilot basis from now onwards. This means that Fair for Life operations can sell their Fair Trade products to Ecocert Fair Trade companies and can buy from Ecocert Fair trade companies to label as Fair for Life.

Certain applicability criteria apply by Ecocert and IMO: 

  • Ecocert: Ecocert Fair Trade products must be organic; certain restrictions import of single ingredient products that are commonly produced in the country of marketing.
  • IMO: Fair For Life products other than food and cosmetics, as well as domestic fair trade products (North – North) are assessed on a case to case basis.

In every case of buying from the other scheme, valid certificates must be available, the full chain of custody will need to be disclosed, and a specific agreement between the buyer and the seller will be necessary, outlining the responsibilities of both sides, agreed key terms of trade as well as publication of some supply chain data.  For multi-ingredient products the composition rules of the final label scheme apply.

For more information on the operating steps, please kindly contact your Ecocert certification officer.