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Organic certification

Certification is a voluntary process. If you are looking to have your products certified organic, or have your inputs attested for the use in organic agriculture, Ecocert Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd will assist you throughout the process.

Ecocert Southern Africa can offer organic inspection services for the following standards:

The certification process

Our staff monitors your certification position throughout the year

  • Ecocert auditors conduct on-site inspections and draw up audit reports, which they forward to Ecocert head office. To provide traceability to all stakeholders in the value chain, our audits involve, for example, the entire production system: inputs, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, storage, distribution and import. Annual monitoring inspections are carried out, some of which are spot checks, and samples may be taken for laboratory analysis.
  • Certification officers study the audit reports to assess compliance with the specification's requirements. If the production method or the system proves to be compliant, Ecocert issues certification. Any non-compliance results in requests for remedial action and/or sanctions.
  • The Supervisory Committee for Certification is an independent technical body, responsible for overseeing the proper application of certification processes, issuing opinions, monitoring changes in standards, and for reviewing appeals and complaints. It is made up of operators from the value chain, consumers and experts, and is open to government representatives.

Private inspections

Private inspections are a voluntary process. Any entity conducting a business for which a private standard exists may ask to have its products or services certified by Ecocert. Certification is awarded for a limited period, during which the inspecting body carries out monitoring.

Ecocert Southern Africa can offer organic certification services for the following standards:

Third party inspections

The third party inspection offered by Ecocert is a service applicable to all types of businesses. An organisation, opting to adhere to its own specification to differentiate itself on the market, needs to be inspected by an independent third-party body. On the strength of its experience, Ecocert delivers this third-party inspection service to any organisation having a specification that includes measurable environmental criteria more stringent than current practices.

In concrete terms, Ecocert draws up an appropriate inspection plan, then carries out the inspections, audits and analyses. Depending on the conclusions of the audit report, Ecocert may issue compliance certificates.

Expert Services


Ecocert shares its know-how in its areas of expertise by providing professional education and training :


1) Face-to-face training contents: 


(UE / EOS / NOP / JAS regulations)

House  people

  • Basic of organic agriculture, certification process, general requirements
  • Focus for plant production, animal production, processing plants, exportation
  • Specific requirements for OGG with Internal Control System (ICS), ICS management
  • Focus for internal auditors


(ESR standards or FAIR FOR LIFE standards)

House  people

  • Basics of fair trade, certification process
  • General requirements for farming and processing
  • Social requirements and work conditions, production costs and fair price
  • Producers group organization, environmental and local development requirements


2) E-learning modules available

TUTORSHIP: E-learning modules can be combined with a quick webinar to allow the trainee to ask specific questions.



  • Basics of organic agriculture: Principles, history, actors and worldwide approach
  • Organic agriculture markets in the world: Market, tendencies and consumption of products
  • Organic regulations: Regulatory framework of the EU regulations for a maximum guarantee
  • Control system: An impartial and complete inspection and certification system
  • Exportation rules: Specific procedures forexportation of organic products



  • Basics of CSR: Main principles and opportunities of CSR for companies



  • Training can be combined with pre-audits
  • All Face-To-Face contents can be adapted for webinars
  • Training modules can be adapted for specific needs
  • We value local expertise with trainers from ECOCERT lacal subsidiary

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