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Service offered to certified and uncertified operations.

Ecocert now offers Training to operations in Southern Africa

The TRAINING Service is designed for operations that require formal training on topics such as the organic regulations, the inspection and certification processes, as well as the required documentation.

The service is available to all Ecocert clients, but also operations that are certified by other certification bodies, as well as operations that have never been certified organic before.

The Training is delivered with due regard to the provisions of ISO17065.

Training will be available for the following areas:

  • EOS/EU standard - used in South Africa and for export to Europe

  • NOP standard - standard applicable for North America

  • Organic Grower Groups (OGG)

  • Inspection Process

  • Certification Process

  • Organic Agriculture

  • Inputs (fertilizer & pest control)

Ecocert offers 2 Options for operations looking for more information and training


Option 1 (FREE):

Ecocert provides copies of the organic regulations as well as the Ecocert Technical Sheets, which you may study. Ecocert is available to answer any questions you may have. Depending on your geographical location, Ecocert can also meet with you to discuss Ecocert's service and explain the process of becoming certified organic.

Option 2 (PAID):

Ecocert designs a training program for you. This program is based on your current knowledge of the regulations and the processes of becoming certified organic. The cost will depend on the type and length of training. Typically training ranges from 1 to 10 days, depending on how many topics are covered.


The training which Ecocert provides focusses on the regulations and processes to be followed.

Ecocert cannot provide consultancy services as this falls outside of our mandate as per ISO17065.