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Than after takeover of IMO Swiss AG and IMO Germany by ECOCERT SA, which was effective three years ago, in September 2014, ECOCERT SA performed further acquisitions within the IMO Group and gathered all the ECOCERT and IMO companies under the same umbrella.

Currently, Ecocert SA have in Turkey two subsidiaries, IMO-Control Sertifikasyon Ltd. (“IMO Turkey”) and Ecocert Denetim Ve Belgelendirme Ltd. (“Ecocert Turkey”).

Consequently, in Turkey, ECOCERT SA has decided to join forces and to capitalize on both companies’ brands, sharing the same principles and values. After the merger, the name will change as follows: “ECOCERT IMO Denetim ve Belgelendirme Ltd.Şti“. Thanks to this merger, we aim at providing you with a better, faster and higher quality of service. Completion of the official merger should be reached at the end of March 2016. We will keep you informed about the progress through further communication letters.

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