Other Standards

Ecocert offers inspection and certification services in quality and safety:

Food Quality and Safety:

Ecocert undertakes the approval and promotion of projects for food quality, traceability and safety. Ecocert enables agri-food industry companies to access European markets through international benchmarks such as:

  • GLOBALG.A.PGlobal G.A.P. is a private standard created by major northern European retail chains. It is the main standard for best agricultural practice on the world market.For fresh fruit and vegetable producers, Global G.A.P. certification is the best way to showcase their best practices by offering definite guarantees to consumers and meet the listing criteria of the main worldwide fruit and vegetable buyers.
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC)The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a standard intended for the suppliers of food products sold under own-brand labels. Developed in 1998 by a British organisation for food product retailers, it uses the principles behind HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and food safety. It lays down a common base of requirements in terms of food safety and aims to ensure the safety of food products sold under own-brand labels. The version currently in force is version 5, published in 2008.
  • IFS FoodIFS Food is a private standard primarily intended for suppliers of food products under wholesalers' and retailers' own-brand labels. It is used to assess the compliance of food sector processing or produce packaging businesses and their ability to guarantee the quality and safety of the products they sell. 
  • Third party inspectionThe service involves inspecting a business against a specification that it has defined itself, and which Ecocert will then approve. Only companies whose practices differ from the usual are eligible for this type of procedure, and the inspection criteria need to be appropriate and thoroughly measurable.

Quality and safety of corporate management systems:

  • ISO 9001: Certification of quality management systems
  • OHSAS 18001: Certification of occupational health and safety management systems.



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